Fondation ARRAWAJ’s mission is to contribute to the economic and social integration and the financial inclusion of micro-entrepreneurs that are excluded from the conventional financing system.
In this context, Fondation ARRAWAJ offers a variety of proximity, adapted and innovative financial products and non-financial services to the benefit of individual entrepreneurs and very small enterprises (VSE).


Economic and social integration

means for Fondation ARRAWAJ to promote entrepreneurship and to support micro-entrepreneurs in the development and expansion of their activities in order to improve their living conditions and to become integrated Moroccan economic actors.

Financial inclusion

Defined as providing affordable financial and banking services to people with low or irregular incomes who are excluded from the traditional financial system..

Excluded Micro-entrepreneurs

Micro-entrepreneurs, including young entrepreneurs and women, with low-income, holding an income-generating activity, but not eligible to the conventional financing system due to unavailable collaterals and / or a formal business structure.

Adapted and innovative products

Fondation ARRAWAJ is committed to designing and developing innovative and original products that suit the specific needs of micro-entrepreneurs.

Very small enterprise (VSE)

Fondation ARRAWAJ aims to accompany the development of Very Small Enterprises that do not have the legal, technical and financial prerequisites to evolve and survive to the formal competitive economy.


Our vision is to evolve into a universal microfinance operator who is socially responsible, sustainable, efficient, and actively contributes to the eradication of financial exclusion in Morocco.