The success of Fondation ARRAWAJ is based on a set of fundamental values that inspire our employees and guide our actions and relations with the different stakeholders:

  • Commitment : Our commitment to the social mission of the institution and to upholding its values allow us to build strong and lasting relationships based on mutual respect, trust, partnership and exchange.
  • Responsibility : As a real leverage of good governance, responsibility is reflected within Fondation ARRAWAJ in the respect of our human, social, environmental and economic environment. It commits us to all stakeholders.
  • Ethics : Fondation ARRAWAJ pays great attention to respecting its clients, to honesty and to compliance with ethical principles and rules.
  • Transparency : Transparency guides our relationship with the different stakeholders: clients, employees and partners.
  • Efficiency : Fondation ARRAWAJ believes that professional efficiency, quality and seeking excellence lead to continuous improvement.
  • Innovation : Research, innovation, proximity and listening qualities allow us to offer the appropriate products and services at lower costs to meet the needs of our clients..​