There are many successes within the Fondation ARRAWAJ Community. Following some clients testimonials who have benefited from micro-credits to promote their project.

Gluten-free organic products:

Ms. Khadija FAKHOURI is committed to designing diversified, guaranteed organic and gluten-free products, with a view to preserving everyone’s health. She attaches great importance to research into the origin of her products and possible illnesses resulting from the absorption of certain foods; she organizes private sales and participates in numerous national fairs and exhibitions.

Literary Coffee place:

Ms. Fatima AMRANI HADI is a brilliant cultured lady with a literary coffee place-theatre, 13 km from the city of Ouazzane. Her activity consists of a meeting place for artists and writers from the region, also housing various sculptures, all within a setting of Egyptian antiquities.

Wood crafts:

Ms. Btissam KIKI also works in the city of Ouazzane, as a carpenter, with her workshop, in which she brings together a team of workers, which is unusual in this sector of activity. This persevering woman does not intend to stop there, she aims to expand her workshop, while creating jobs and helping to promote wood crafts across the country