Life insurance, funeral expenses
In the tragic event of death of the insured client or his disability, the insurance:

  • covers the outstanding amount of the loan
  • Insures Financial Security to his relatives
  •  covers part of the funeral costs

Hospitalization (Per diem)
Covers the insured client against the loss of income in case of illness or an accident
Fire – Explosion and Flood
Covers the insured client for material damages resulting from any of the following events:

  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Smoke consecutive to Fire or Explosion
  • Material damage caused by floods
  •  Costs and losses resulting from an insured accident

Home insurance / Professional multi-risk insurance
The multi-risk insurance is a mix of services covering properties and third party liability..
This insurance includes:

  • Fire-Explosion insurance
  •  Theft and Vandalism insurance
  • Third party liability of the householder and operating liability