Solidarity Group Loan

The loan amounts vary from 3,000 MAD to 20,000 MAD and are monthly reimbursed over a period of 3 to 36 months.

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Individual Loan

This product is intended to micro-project holders, involved in income-generating activities. It includes two sub-products:

Individual loan A :
The amounts vary from 5,000 MAD to 30,000 MAD

Individual loan B :
The amounts vary from 30, 000 MAD to 50,000 MAD

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Housing Loan

Albaraka offers a range of Housing Loans intended to improve habitat. It includes the following sub-products:

The amounts vary from 3,000 MAD to 50,000 MAD
The amounts vary from 10,000 MAD to 50,000 MAD
The amounts vary from 3,000 MAD to 50,000 MAD

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The multi-risk insurance is a mix of services covering properties and third party liability..
This insurance includes:
Fire-Explosion insurance
Theft and Vandalism insurance
Third party liability of the householder and operating liability

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Micro – Assistance

AL IGHATA is a service that is designed in partnership with Axa Assurances toprovide to our clients a comprehensive emergency support services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Fondation Albaraka is proud to provide its clients with such a competitive, affordable and high value service.

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